What separates BLCCS from is the rest is we don’t give up on old technology. We give you an honest assessment of your system while intentionally retrofitting and integrating antiquated technology to save you money, even if your manufacturer no longer supports your equipment.
Our team is certified with multiple companies to ensure your trust and the longevity of your systems.

BUILDING Automation

Our team are experts in servicing all types of HVAC equipment including chillers, boilers, packaged units, pumps, and air-handling units. We bring these robust units to optimal performance and reduce upkeep.


Working directly with your energy supplier, we identify the best route for instant savings through demand response management and long-term cost effective behavior to get you incredible rebates with no cost to you.


Having a master electrician on our team means clean and organized electrical work. We negotiate with suppliers, work with general contractors, assure building codes are followed, and work directly with our mechanical team for optimal performance.


We specialize in network installation, security, and infrastructure upgrades so your building allows streamlined communication fit for a virtual world. 

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IT Services

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